Coaching is future-, and action-oriented. Creating new vision is only purposeful if it leads to action. Together we can assess the present situation, discern vision, imagine possibilities, and create action plans that will move you, or your group, congregation or organization toward your desired future. I do not offer a “one-size-fits-all” package to tell you what you should do. I guide you through your own self-discovery and creation of a plan that fits your unique situation and call. I journey with you, supporting your vision, encouraging your dreams, and motivating you to achieve.



Guiding transformation through deep listening, powerful questioning, reflection, motivation and action.


Coaching works best for clients who are motivated to be their best selves and to serve God’s people with intentionality, energy and love. They understand the need to do the inner work necessary to be healthy leaders with a clear vision, appropriate boundaries, and a life-giving rhythm to personal and professional life. We work together to set goals, examine barriers and reach desired outcomes.


Every congregation is unique. Therefore, there is no “one-size-fits-all” package to suit all needs. With my guidance, congregations engage a process of self-discovery and creation of a plan that fits their unique situation and call. Together, we discern vision, imagine possibilities, and create action plans that move the congregation toward God’s future with hope.


Working with church and non-profit boards, ministry teams and small groups, I provide a framework, resources, and process for discernment, strategic planning, assessment and visioning.


Offering expert advice and guidance based upon education, knowledge and experience.

Consulting is offered in conjunction with coaching for congregations and nonprofit boards. The combination of coaching and consulting allows the client to benefit from the expertise of the coach while also drawing from the expertise, knowledge and skill of the individual members of the congregation or organization.


Leading a group to learn something new, develop a plan, or complete a task.

Facilitation for groups that need an outside person to lead an educational event, retreat, planning session, revisioning process or group task. Workshop topics include spiritual leadership, faith formation, congregational systems, and training for elders, deacons and educators.

Typical Clientele:

  • Individuals
  • Nonprofit boards
  • Church boards
  • Judicatories
  • Leadership teams
  • Congregations

Services Include:

  • 30 min – 1 hour individual coaching
  • Small group coaching
  • Staff and board development
  • Congregational discernment
  • Workshop and retreat facilitation
  • Conflict management

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